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In this vision I was on the beach near Los Angeles with my face looking towards the Hawaiian Islands. As I gazed towards the horizon, I saw a sudden bright orange glow and massive clouds of smoke. I instinctively knew that there had been an extremely violent earthquake and volcanic eruption centered in the Hawaiian Islands. 

As I realized this, immediately a very large angel stood upon the water out by the western horizon and said, with a loud voice that shook the atmosphere, Watch Hawaii !!!. 

When I heard him say, Watch Hawaii !!!, I immediately began to run towards the east, for I knew that large waves and earthquakes would soon hit the West coast. I also knew that there would be no time for those living on the West coast to pack before leaving. There would only be time to get as far away from the coastline, as quickly as possible.

The next day after the vision I was watching the news, and torrential rains were flooding the Hawaiian Islands. Some dams were breaking, homes were being washed away, and lives were being lost. 

Within a week after that news report, the same thing was happening on the West coast mainland, even though there was no interconnecting weather systems. This seemed to be a confirmation.

Unlike the rain which repeated itself on the West coast after a few days, residents of the West coast will have only five to six hours, or one half day at the most, to flee the coastline when Hawaii erupts. Watch Hawaii!

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