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This Facebook page contains video update teachings of world events and how they relate to current Biblical prophecy concerning Israel, The Christian Church, The U.S.A., and other nations.

USA Prophecy: Early in 2001 The Lord spoke an audible word to me, He said, "Harbinger!" The word means a messenger that heralds the King is coming and He, The King, is going to pronounce righteous judgements. Shortly thereafter September 11 happened. 

I really did not understand the message until Johnathan Cahn came out with his book entitled "The Harbinger". After much study I have seen that the next Harbinger will be a three year seige of the USA beginning in September 2016. This will be signaled by a huge increase in terrorism on American soil. 

While many prophetic voices have stated it is now too late for America, The USA will have an additional 3 years to repent of her rejection of The Moral Standards expected by The Judeo Christian God as revealed in The Holy Bible.II Chronicles 7:14 is still an option, but the time is short.

This was clearly the case regarding the northern kindom of Israel in Isaiah 9:10-15. After 15 years the terrorists came back stronger than before and laid seige to Israel for 3 years. When Israel refused to repent the 10 tribes of northern Israel became the lost tribes. Will the 50 States become the lost States. Will liberty be lost? 

If The Harbinger continues in it's Biblical progression, We, as a nation, have 3 years beginning in October. 2019

Please reference The Wikipedia article entitled "Assyrian Captivity".

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