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In 2007 I had several open visions in which I saw numerous tornadoes striking the East coast. These tornadoes were touching down in the I-95 corridor and east towards the coast. I also saw many, many tornadoes touching down between I-20 and the I-10 corridor, stretching from Georgia to Mississippi. 

These tornadoes were not only destructive because of the wind associated with them, but were also spreading many fires. I saw some tornadoes coming across the sky and literally hurling balls of fire across the earth. 

The next day after one of these visions of fiery tornadoes, I was watching the 700 Club news when a reporter was interviewing a man in northern Texas. The man said he had never heard of anything happening like what had happened to his farm that day. He reported that he had seen a small funnel cloud, and as he watched it from his field, suddenly it was as though a ball of fire came out of the sky and consumed his house. 

As I saw this news report, I realized that this is what the Lord had shown me, but that this type of thing would be happening in epidemic proportions throughout the nation.

In the summer of 2013 I was watching The Weather Channel when the meteorologist reported that Tornadoe Alley had been officially changed to include the I-10 and I-20 corridors as well as the I-95 corridor.

Later in the year The Weather Channel coined the term Firenadoes as record wildfires were breaking out and being spread by tornadoes of fire jumping as much as 20 miles.

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