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The Church and The Amber Stone

Amber Stone Tornado Vision

In this vision I was placed standing next to a white country church building with a well recognized pastor standing beside me. As we looked across the land we saw numerous tornadoes forming. We decided to take refuge in the church building. 

As each tornado passed, shingles, siding and other parts of the exterior were torn off the building. As we continued looking we suddenly saw a different type of tornado coming across the horizon. This new tornado was not a dark funnel cloud like the others, but was very light colored in hue, and seemed to have flames of fire spread throughout the funnel cloud. As the tornado drew closer we were able to see that it was filled with small, whitish stones that were glowing, emitting an amber colored light. We realized that these glowing stones were what we had first considered to be fire. The pastor and I understood that this tornado would probably destroy the church building, so we decided to take shelter in the crawl space beneath the church.

At first we knelt by one of the central pillars of the church, but as the tornado struck the church, and even the floor boards began to be disintegrated, we both made our way rapidly to the cornerstone of the foundation. When we got to the cornerstone we knelt with our faces by our knees until the storm had passed. When we looked up after the storm, the only structure still standing was the corner and the stones that were laid directly on the foundation of the building.

In this vision I believe that the natural tornadoes do represent a rapid increase in destructive forces of nature. I also interpret the different tornadoes as representing both the mercies and the severity of the Word of the Lord.

 I believe the Word of the Lord is about to be released through His prophets and ministers of fire in such a manner, that the church as most of us have known it, will be consumed.

 Many will seek protection and refuge in buildings, in churches, and in institutions that have been built by traditional programs and the counsel of men. But there will be no safety found in such structures. 

Some of the storms to come really will be the judgments of the Lord, and the only way to survive them will be on our knees in a position of abject humility. We will need to get as close as we can possibly get to the Cornerstone, and the foundations of the Apostles. We will also need to be divinely joined to others who have the mind of Christ, in order to take our proper positions in the power and authority of humble prayers of agreement.

I believe the two visions, the biosphere and the amber stone tornado were given to lead us in how to spiritually prepare for the physically destructive times which are coming rapidly upon us.

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