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Last night, April 4th, 2014, in a vision I, Don, saw a book, like a Bible, opened, and written towards the bottom of the page was, "And God said, 'Call unto Mars, and say, it is now a season for war. It is the time for war'". 

And I heard a voice call, saying, "Release the Jews!", and then saying, "This is the last call. Come home now!" 

It was like unto a Father calling His son to come home to the Father's house. 

When I heard, "Release the Jews", it was as though I saw many thousands of Jews going forth. I got the impression this was not telling the nations, like Moses said unto Pharaoh, "Let My people go", but instead was a call to send Messianic Jewish prophets and evangelists to the Pharaohs (all the nations) of the earth, telling, and, commanding, them to let the Jews go home. 

  I believe that war which will seem to threaten Israel's existence will break out soon at the time of Pentecost in mid June when the moon and Mars are in close conjunction. This will be in the time period between June 4th to June 12th. 

(This did happen as events in June led into Operation Protective Edge)

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