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This should be considered a prophetic call to ready your families, churches, and friends for what I feel are events that are imminently upon us as a nation.

I am writing this prophetic bulletin in outline form in order to help you better understand and digest some of the revelations, dreams, and visions that I have received from the Lord recently. As I stated in the last newsletter, I do continue to believe that the Lord has been visiting many individuals, families and churches. Everywhere I go I sense that a dividing line is being drawn by the Lord. I see in many a hunger and thirst for the Presence and Person of Jesus; a hunger and thirst that is increasing. I believe that personal visitations from the Lord are readily available to every individual and group that will diligently seek Him in this time when He may be found. Praying in the Spirit, and getting into the place of the Spirit, as John says,"I was in the Spirit on the Lords day", is key to the visitations and the development of an ear for the Lord.

I. Preparation for Protection

A. The Biosphere Revelation

Building upon the last letter, I recently had a vision of the night wherein I was in a home on the Eastern coastline. This home was just a few blocks from the Atlantic Ocean. At one point during this vision I was standing upon the shore. Looking out I saw an enormous wave, nearly as tall as the tallest beach front hotel, between twenty and thirty stories high. As I began to run inland, suddenly there were two governmental authorities, several military commanders, and an angelic policeman standing beside me. The highest authority, whom I thought was the angelic ruler over this area, spoke to me and told me to go with my family into the biosphere. As we were running, I suddenly saw a clear domed structure in front of us and all of us ran into it. The tsunami wave broke over us and I could see great amounts of water and debris washing over the top of the dome, and all around us, but we were safe. One of the military commanders said to me,You will always be safe if you will take refuge in your biosphere during the times of calamity that are about to come".

As I looked around I realized that the biosphere was covering the home in which we had been staying. As I looked at the home, and specifically the garage, I realized the waves and waters had not damaged the premises. In fact, the home was so clean, that it was actually glowing, as though with a pure white light. At this point, the governor, mayor, the military commanders, and the policeman all left, but they all assured me that we would need to go back to the biosphere on numerous occasions in the future.

As I contemplated this vision, it came to me that Grandfather Mountain Park has been declared by the United Nations as an internationally protected biosphere. The main consideration when declaring a geographical area a biosphere, is its uniqueness concerning forms of life, both plant and animal, that are separate and different from the surrounding communities and world at large. Even the air and general atmosphere seems different. Many biospheres are also known as preserves.

I believe the thing which stood out about the Grandfather Mountain incident was the fresh and strong wind. If you go to Grandfather Mountain you will find that the wind always blows, always seems fresh and crisp, has a distinctive smell, and is almost always accompanied by the sound of a mighty wind.

I think the interpretation of this vision is obvious. In order to prepare, to be protected during coming events, we must each build our own biospheres. Our homes must become tabernacles where the Presence of His Holy Wind continually blows; a place where we hear the clear sound of the Masters voice, the Good Shepherds voice. The tabernacle must be clean and be a place where the glory cloud can rest, where The Holy Spirit knows He is welcome. These biospheres will have to be very much different and separate from the rest of the world in order for the Lords government to declare them places of sovereign protection and provision.

Most of you who receive this bulletin will be able to transform your homes into a biosphere rather quickly if you will simply turn off the televisions, get rid of the idols, especially the American idols, and begin to spend time in the Word and worship every evening. I know you will find, as I have, that you will experience an increasing hunger and thirst for His intimate presence. Blessed are those who hunger and thirst after righteousness, for they shall be filled". Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you". For this cause everyone who is godly shall pray to You in a time where You may be found. Surely in a flood of great waters they shall not come near him. You are my hiding place; You shall preserve me from trouble; You shall surround me With songs of deliverance." Psalm 32:

6&7. Subsequent parts of "How To Build a Hedge of Protection" will be aired as video on Facebook.

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