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Practical Steps OF Preparation

A. Get Filled With the Word and the Spirit

If you are not hungry enough to turn the television off and immerse yourself in the Word, then diligently pray for the Lord to make you hungry and thirsty.

Only those who are large in the Word and the Spirit will be protected,

promoted, and used mightily during this time. 

Only those who eat the meat, drink the milk, and devour the Rhema Word (now speaking), and the Graphe Word(written), will have their eyes and ears opened to hear the voice of the Lord, and to see His works.

It is a time for rapid growth. We will need greater love, greater self-control, greater peace and more supernatural joy, as well as m0re of the other characteristics of His fruit.

My daughter recently gave me a puppy. He was hardly bigger than my foot when I first got him home. Now Ranger is bigger than my daughter - well over 100 pounds. How did he grow so fast? He ate three to five times every day. If you come to my house, look behind you, because that’s where the Ranger’s gonna be. Just as Ranger grew so quickly, you can grow even faster, in the Spirit. You can grow more in the next month than many have grown in the last twenty years.

As I said at the beginning of the Grandfather Prophecy, the Lord is ready now, to visit and anoint all those who will seek Him, NOW.

B. Be Ready To Move at a Moment’s Notice

Discipline yourself now to be immediately obedient every time you even think the Lord is telling you to do something. You may have to move quickly as He directs.

C. Be Ready To Help

In one recent dream I was walking on a country road and beheld two houses separated by a field. As I walked the earth began to shake. One of the houses cracked at the foundation level and part of that house fell. The roof caved in, and the dwelling was unlivable.

The other house was completely undamaged. As I approached the undamaged house, I saw people celebrating and eating. They all seemed very happy and completely unscathed by the earthquake. I went to the ownerof the house and asked him what they were doing. He said that they had just returned from helping victims of hurricane Katrina. I believe the interpretation of this dream is obvious.

This is no time to seclude yourself or to hoard supplies for self preservative, selfish reasons.

 It is a time to prepare your house to be a house of hospitality and to be ready to take in those with desperate needs. It is a time for churches to use funds to prepare for relief efforts. It is not a time to build new buildings for traditional religious reasons.

 Seek the Lord on how your church and you as an individual can be prepared to help during times of desperate need. Perhaps you could prepare long term guest rooms in your home.

 I also believe every church should have a well, from which they can draw fresh water using a generator, wherever this is possible. One of the most desperate needs during times of war or natural disasters is always the need for fresh, potable water. If you have a generator enabled well, you may be the only source of water for many thirsty people. 

If you have the ability to keep cash on hand, then you should do that. Checks and credit cards may not be usable for long periods if bank computer servers go down, and many financial records could be lost.

If you live in a tornado area, a very simple tornado shelter can be dug and reinforced with marine plywood for $500 or less, especially if you are willing to do the digging by hand. It would be good to keep some reserves of basic necessities such as rice and beans and other things on hand, keeping in mind that you are preparing to help others, not just hoarding for yourself.

D. Be Ready To Cast Out Demons

During such times the enemy will release many demonic spirits of grief, terror, anxiety and fear. The Holy Spirit is well able to use you to overcome all the above. 

It would probably behoove you to read and possibly get copies of Rebecca Springer’s book, My Dream of Heaven, also reprinted as Within Heaven’s Gates. Such a revelation as Sister Springer’s can be a great help and comfort to those grieving the loss of loved ones.

Some of the coming storms may not be preventable, but they may be turnable if you are prepared to exercise God given authority over them. I have done several taped and CD messages on surviving the storm. Make use of all available tools to strengthen your faith so that it is ready to be put into action. 

But remember, nothing can replace intimacy with the Lord.

I recall a time when I was driving in Raleigh when suddenly I felt and saw another pair of hands on top of mine, overshadowing the steering wheel. I could not see where the pavement dropped off in front of me. Had it not been for those hands, my car would have been jerked into a head on collision with oncoming traffic. I have

been delivered from personal catastrophe, and received miracles and healings on numerous occasions. It is only by His grace and protection that I have come this far, and I know that what He’s done before, as the old song goes, He will do it again. Recall all the things He’s done for you in the past, and remember, He will do it again.

II. Conclusion

I would like to share a pertinent testimony by a man who was healed of bipolar syndrome in one our meetings. 

Years ago we were ministering at the Brittain’s annual ministers’ conference when I received a word of knowledge that the Lord was healing someone with bipolar syndrome. I invited people that needed that healing to come forward so that I could pray for them.

 A man came forward, and when I laid hands on him the power of God descended, and he was immediately slain in the Spirit and healed. While he was on the floor I gave another word that the Lord was imparting words of knowledge to those who felt heat descending upon their heads. I asked those who felt that heat to raise their hands and receive as I laid hands on them. The man raised his hands.

A year later the man shared with me that he had stopped taking his medication, immediately after that service. This caused some small concern in his family because his wife is a doctor, but the man said he knew that he was healed.

When he returned to his primary care physician, he walked into the examination room and told the doctor that he was healed. He then gave the

doctor a full month’s supply of the medications, which he had ceased to take.

 He told the doctor that the doctor was about to see a patient who needed the medication, but that his next patient would not be able to financially afford the medications. The doctor then confirmed that the next patient he was going to see was a person who was recently diagnosed with bipolar syndrome and this patient was not able to afford the medications.

 As you can imagine, the doctor was amazed. The man the Lord healed has stayed well for over three years and has started a healing ministry.

That is an amazing miracle, and it is very pertinent to the times ahead. Post traumatic stress syndrome and many other mental and emotional afflictions and illnesses usually emerge in the aftermath of natural disasters. 

Prepare and I believe The Lord will use you to bring healing, salvation, deliverance, and to supply the physical needs for many those in need. He will greatly use you for His Glory in the near future!

Just prior to his home going Oral Roberts said,

"The world is about to change. The Second Coming of Christ will affect the lives of every person on this planet. If we don't wake up, our chances ro reach the people of this world will fade into history".

"He said, 'Now there's got to be the Anointing of the Holy Ghost. My Church has got to wake up about the Second Coming of My Son'".

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