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Dear Dream Partners and Friends,

Regarding reasons for Mr. America’s impending and ongoing judgement, our national policies and exportation of those policies regarding abortion, are at the top of the list. What can we do about this? At this point we have over 60 million USA verified abortions alone.

Between 2000 and 3000 babies a day are being aborted.

Sandy Hook was a terrible tragedy. There can be no greater grief than that caused by the violent loss of a beloved child! We weep for ,and with these bereaved parents and siblings.

But who is crying over the loss of innocent babies that are being chemically burned to death, and purposely dismembered and beheaded in their own mothers womb? I know The Holy Spirit is grieved deeply by this ongoing carnage, but do our Senators, or Congressmen or President grieve?

What if every time a woman was considering an abortion during this year, no matter what time of day or night, there was someone praying for her? What if at that very moment there was someone crying out to God asking the Holy Spirit to help her love her unborn child enough to keep it? We believe that praying to God for these women considering abortion can change some if not all these women's hearts to love and have their child! So, if you want to help end abortion, join us! It doesn’t cost you anything but time in prayer.” (From Luke 18:1 website)

Continue to pray for our President, for a visitation, but please add the following names to that list. They are our Supreme Court Justices. To alter or eradicate Roe vs. Wade a majority will have to begin to see the unborn as persons with constitutional rights of life and the protection of that life. Nothing is impossible with God!

The Lord is looking for someone to stand in the gap. Are you standing?

Don Robertson

Questioning Politician's Faith? We Must!

Lately there have been multiple media references to questions being raised about the faith of various politicians and Presidential candidates. The media, and the politicians have basically stated that this subject is mostly off limits. They have said “Don’t touch this subject”. One high profile Evangelist has even supposedly apologized for questioning the Presidents faith.

Maybe an evangelist can get away with such waffles, but a prophet cannot, unless he wants to participate in a prophetic Balaam spirit. Personally I find I would rather be associated with Balaam’s Arse than with Balaam. That is not to be constituted as a cheeky remark, nor is it a hit below the belt.

The fact is that a person’s faith determines how they make decisions. Their core faith values determine how they respond to all the issues the USA is dealing with at the present time. As US citizens it behooves us to know on what basis our leaders decisions will be made. What really is in their hearts. As a man is in his heart so he will speak, and the more powerful a man is the greater weight his words carry.

For example, religiously speaking, if a man was a pacifist Quaker, what kind of decisions would he make as a Commander in Chief. You would not want him on the front line with you in a raging battlefield, much less as the head of the world’s most powerful military force.

On the other hand, what if his values were those of a radical Muslim Jihadist. He might have our children wrapping themselves in C3 or dynamite with a garnish of ball bearings, while they look for masses of Jews gathered in one place. Again, that would be a really poor choice for Commander in Chief.

Maybe you think I am a little over the top with these illustrations, but I think you get my point.

Obviously, many of our politicians value human life at a very low standard. Anyone who is Pro Life , would agree with me. Yet these politicians say they are a Christian, sort of. Isn’t it time we heard an in depth defining of their religious core beliefs.

his inquiring mind also wants these issues addressed and spelled out by all the politicians that represent me.These heart matters determine their basis for making decisions, and cannot be declared off limits because of some faulty definition of separation of church and state.

In the meantime, continue to pray for President Obama. and that he has a real encounter of the God kind, even as the Apostle Paul had..

Don Robertson

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