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While praying in the Spirit, in 2006, praying with a Pastor friend of mine, I suddenly had a vision of a huge man of fire standing somewhere in the Midwest. 

This man was hundreds of feet tall. He turned and looked at me and said, "The Heartland belongs to me".​

 I believe this man was a demonic manifestation and the Heartland reference signified much of the area that we have traditionally referred to as the west and mid-west.

 Although we have grown used to seeing massive out of control fires in parts of Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, California, and other western states, I thought this meant that we would begin to see even more devastating fires in the Midwest in record numbers.

This has happened as we continue to have increasing fires every year while droughts and floods increase.


A number of people have commented to me that they felt very strong anointing when interceding against this demonic manifestation. 

Others have said that my interpretation of the heartland was off and that the heartland today may be considered to be California, and even Alabama and Georgia. This interpretation was derived from a Public Television show called The Heartland, which focused on California and the southeastern states. Then in 2016 record wildfires did begin to occur in the more eastern states including Tennessee and North Carolina. Could any of us forget the fires in Gatlinburg?

Certainly California suffered record fires last year, with a number of courageous fire fighters losing their lives, even in December. And even as I wrote this article there were over fifty uncontrollable fires raging in the West and Midwest regions. I believe that these fires, along with flooding in some of our other states, are demonically arranged weather incidents, whose purpose is t​o destroy America’s food producing capabilities.​ 

As some of you know, America feeds the world, and much of our past surplus has been given to missions and used to feed people around the world in the name of Jesus. This can also be seen as a direct attack against missions and evangelism.

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