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Thus Saith The Lord, Tongue and Interpretation

I have been teaching you about My love – how to love, how I love, and how to speak, and see My love. Tell the people that they can and will be able to see the things they long to see – according only to the degree they love. 

Remember that the only way they can truly love is by My Spirit, says the Lord.

Remember the character of this love is that it never gives up. 

All of My miracles come as a result of My love, says the Lord. 

 People think it’s because of My anointing, but the days have come, says the Lord, when the anointing is directly proportionate to the outpouring of My love to the unlovely – to those who stand in the greatest need of a miracle. 

 Many times in the past, says the Lord, men have worked miracles out of My anointing, with the ultimate working out results of the miracles being that men built ministries with employees, buildings and jets. In the past I allowed this as a means to promote the Gospel because these ministers did honestly seek my face, says the Lord, but after they got what they were seeking from Me, says the Lord, they became more and more unloving and selfish and anxious about keeping what they had received rather than continuing on in a fresh anointing received daily, and it was because they were not walking in a fresh outpouring of mercy and love by My Spirit. 

You can tell My servants who are walking in a fresh anointing by how much they build up and not tear down, by how much grace they give and how much undemanding love they exercise.

The only demand My love places on people is the demand of believing. If people receive My love by faith and grace, and believe how great My love is, says the Lord, then holiness and righteous lives become their lifestyle as that love is poured out through them. 

When they love with My love, says the Lord, then they see My purposes in their lives and they fulfill my purposes which bring them great joy and abundant life. Then they can see the purposes I have for others around them and can truly begin to read their mail, as you humans say. 

In My words, says the Lord, they can begin to prophesy from My pure river without taint or mixture of bitterness. They can become prophets and seers without guile, prophesying from My Rivers of Life.

 All life has its source in My love, says the Lord, For I AM love. 

To the degree you lack My love – to that degree you will remain in blindness. The more you love the more you’ll see. The more you see the more you will love. 

The more you love the more you will push back the darkness of an evil world. 

The more you love the more you will walk in the light and the more light you have the more you will see.

Greater love produces greater light, produces greater vision, says the Lord.

If your eye be full of light, then the whole body will be full of light and you become children of light, able to partake of the communion of light.

The Lord said if you love the way I love, you will be falsely accused of many things. Things like positive thinking religion, and accusations of being New Age, but if you preach that My love comes because I came – John 3:16, and I died on a cross, and from My love I shed My blood – that the power of My Spirit which is love – caused my bodily resurrection, and I baptize in My Spirit- as a fruit of My love, then your accusers and naysayers will never have solid ground to stand on.

Today men accuse many of My servants of offering an easy salvation, granted thru very simple prayers. 

 Remember the thief crucified next to Me. He prayed the simplest prayer of all time – “Remember me when You come into Your kingdom”, and I saved that thief and prepared a place for him. He simply believed in My love as I hung on the cross. He believed in My kingdom stretching past My physical death. He knew he was unrighteous and I was righteous and prayed the simplest of prayers. That thief has been with Me ever since that day, says the Lord.

So let no man convince you of a Gospel that is not simple. I’ve made it so simple that any man can receive My love just by believing and asking.

The more you see,

The more you love,

The more light I grant,

The more life you live in an ever greater anointing,

The more vision you have,

The more love you display,

The more light you shine forth,

The more others can see,

That much and The more I will anoint you

Says the Lord.

Don Robertson

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