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For those of you in the know, who understand the correlation between the Four Blood Moons and The Shemitah (Sabbath Year), you realize how close The USA is to a cataclysmic economic and financial judgment from heaven. There are numerous reasons for this, but the primary reason is the sacrificing of the lives of our younglings on the altar of economic gain.

        As we take a truthful look at post-Christian America we must be honest and admit to ourselves that the primary reasons for most abortions on demand are economic considerations, and that we have drifted far from the original intent of the ruling made in Roe verses Wade. For those of us old enough to remember, the Roe vs. Wade case was primarily supposed to be about legalizing abortion for the purpose of protecting mothers whose lives were threatened by carrying a pregnancy to full term. Secondarily, abortion was also supposed to be allowed for rape victims, and victims of child molestation, and child abuse, that resulted in pregnancy. This is a long distance from the way this law is interpreted and used today.

        Every day in the USA, between 1500 and 3000 children are decapitated (beheaded), suffer multiple amputations, and bear inconceivable pain due to chemical burning, on their way to death. At this point in time, the USA has committed this kind of human bloodletting around 60 million times in the last 40 years. Had we remained with the Original Intent of the Roe vs, Wade decision then only about 1% of this extraordinarily high number of human lives would have been purposely and violently ended.

         Several States have been trying work arounds, in order to close Planned Parenthood and other State and privately funded abortion clinics, but The Federal Court System continually overrides the States Rights pronouncing “Unconstitutional!”

         That God still loves mothers who choose to put their own children to death is not the issue, but the fact that these and other major bad choices by Americans have now led us into a place of almost immediate and certain judgment by a Just and Holy God is the issue. In so many cases we have chosen to pursue selfish and lustful purposes that degrades the value of human lives.

        As Johnathan Cahn writes in “The Mystery of The Shemitah”, “Without God nothing would be holy or, for that matter, unholy. Nothing had any purpose except the purpose they now assigned it. And with no true purpose, they could do whatever they wanted—not only with their land but also with their lives, with each other, and with their children. Thus they lifted up their children as sacrifices on the altars of foreign gods. It was for this last transgression that the judgment finally fell. It began with the breaking of the Shemitah and ended in the offering of their sons and daughters in the fires of Baal and Molech, the sin that would bring about the nation’s destruction". 

      Today, very few people have any knowledge of what these false gods, Baal and Molech represented. They were basically gods who a frightened and deceived populace thought would bring good crops, rain, and prosperity to those who brought adequate sacrifices to these gods' graven images.Having no greater sacrifice to bring than their children they offered them to these false gods of prosperity by burning their own babies and children alive at the alters of Baal and Molech.

        In more modern times Baal and Molech might be renamed; "We cannot afford a BABY now!", "A BABY will prevent me from pursuing my career" , "We can have another CHILD later", I am too young and do not want to look fat and I haven't finished school yet", and etc. 

     One major TV & Internet prophet recently prophesied that terror such as we experienced on 9/11 would not come to our shores again in this generation, but his prophecies as all the prophecies of recent vintage, including my own, are subject to “THE BIG IF”. Just as Jonah preached to Nineveh, if the people of Nineveh repented then they would not perish in 40 days, so now I say that if the people of the USA do not repent, then the breech in our wall of Divine Protection will continue to let in waves of attacks against this once great nation. Attacks that come in many forms, but the primary cumulative effect will be total and complete economic devastation.

         This same TV prophet also recently stated that we are now entering into 5 years of Grace. The Big If however will take into account that God’s Righteous judgments often include righteous woodshed discipline as one of the greatest forms of Grace.

          It is time to cry out as those who heard Peter’s Pentecostal preaching, “What shall we do??” Peter’s answer then is the answer for today. Repent, and be immersed in Jesus!

         The reason many people say they are Christians today is because they say they believe He died on the cross for them and that He is risen from the dead. But, confession that He is their Lord is also a Scriptural mandate in order for the saving of the believing soul to be carried out to completion. This confession of Lordship considers that Jesus’ whole life as a human was lived as a perfect sinless representative to be sacrificed on each believer’s behalf. This sinless life of our Lord includes His birth and His time in the womb.  

          As Elizabeth, the mother of Prophet John the Baptist, confessed that Jesus was her Lord, when Jesus was less than 2 weeks old in Mary’s womb. And as the child John lept in Elizabeth’s womb, at the presence of Jesus in Mary’s womb, when John was in his second trimester of life, so then we must confess that if Jesus represented all of mankind on the cross so must He represent all of mankind in the womb. If He did so represent mankind, then all of those in the womb are viable human lives. If He does not represent perfected humanity in the womb then He also does not take our place and represent us effectively enough to pay for our sins with His life’s blood on the Cross!

          It is past time for real Christians to speak up about this issue. We must first make a strong case to other so called Christians about this issue, and then we must talk to our neighbors. Then we must overturn the current interpretation of Roe vs. Wade.

                 Just as Daniel and the 3 Hebrews who survived the fiery furnace were castrated and extradited to Babylon, so will American Christians suddenly find that when National Judgment occurs, many bystanders who just stand and wait, will also suffer the consequences of that judgment. Consequences often make the roughest of teachers!

          But, God still sees our hearts and if enough of our hearts are penetrated with a Spirit of Repentance with Godly Sorrow then perhaps, just perhaps, a national judgment can be averted and we can then turn to God before we are flat on our backs with no place else to look but up!

Pray for such a Spirit of Repentance to be released! Pray as though your life and the lives of your neighbors depended upon it! 

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