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Recently I walked into a health food store, and as I walked into it the Lord spoke very clearly to me.

He said that if people spent the time in His Word that they spend watching television and playing sports then the people would be healthy without supplements or medications.​

In fact, He said that they would be healthier than they have ever been in their lives.

 I believe the Lord is telling us more than ever that it is time to redeem the time.

 If the preceding visions have not clued us in to the seriousness of the times this nation, and our world faces, then I seriously wonder what it will take to wake us up to the point where we will dedicate and sanctify ourselves to the Lord’s causes.

I have numerous other visions and dreams to share with you at a future time. But let me close with this word of the Lord. I awakened about 3 A.M. and began to pray for our Congress. 

 I asked the Lord to guide our elected officials in the decisions they were trying to make, and He immediately said to me that He was offering them guidance, but that many of them were refusing to listen to His voice, and were refusing His guidance.

I then asked Him to put a hook in their mouths and cause them to do His will and draw them where He would have them to go.

He then said, "That time has not yet come".

I got the impression, however, that that time was not far off.

Before that time comes, however, I believe much will happen that will cause the people of the this great nation to desperately seek the voice of the Lord for their current affairs.

In closing I want to commend all of you who have been preparing yourselves to minister in the Lord’s Name during these last days, for such a time as this.

I leave you again with a quote from Oral Roberts.

"The world is about to change. The Second Coming of Christ will affect the lives of every person on this planet. If we don’t wake up, our chances to reach the people of this world will fade into history."

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