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 Today I share a wonderful near term prophetic event that the Lord showed me is about to happen; a new wave of the Spirit, which will affect every nation on Earth.

Recently at Grandfather Mountain in North Carolina, (one of the mountains I can see from my house), a weather anomaly occurred, about which the Lord has started to speak to me. Record winds were reported on Grandfather Mountain that were well in excess of 200 miles per hour. These winds may have set a new wind record for the continental United States. The old record was 231 miles per hour, recorded on Mt. Washington.

 Julie and I decided to go to the top of the mountain and investigate for ourselves.

At the top of Grandfather Mountain is a building called the Top Shop. It serves as the Visitors’ Center. On the top floor of the Visitors’ Center is a woodworking Carpenter’s Shop. When the aforementioned high winds occurred, several things happened at the Visitors’ Center. Three steel encased windows on the top floor (two in the Carpenter’s Shop) were ripped out of the wall and the steel frames were torn. Also, the locked double wooden doors into the Carpenter’s Shop were blown open, even though they are actually interior doors on the inside of a stairwell. A wooden mantel that had never been used, and which was for sale in the Carpenter’s Shop, was blown off the wall and hurled to the floor.

 In the parking lot a 300 pound boulder was rolled out of its cement foundation and turned over onto the sign which was mounted on the boulder. The sign reads "Stay to the Right".

As Julie and I reached the top of the stairwell, where one of the three windows was blown away, we came face to face with a photograph of Oral Roberts standing on Grandfather Mountain. In the picture his hands were outstretched toward us, as though he were prophesying the wind.I felt a strong anointing as Julie and I went to the top of the mountain to pray.

The Lord instantly spoke to me and said - "Yes, My Wind is coming again. My Breath will sweep across this nation and I will leave nothing untouched, and visitations will be available to all who will seek Me. I will blow stronger across this nation than I have ever blown before, and all those who will receive this visitation will also receive new mantles to be used in the service of My Kingdom. There will be wind and fire, the former and the latter rain together, and miracles such as My people have only dreamed about. Prophecies will abound and times will be great as My Glory is revealed. But for many of My people, persecutions will also arise. This Wind of My Breath will blow from here to the uttermost parts of the earth and My harvest time will be seen. For I am the Lord of the Harvest."

I believe that this great move of God's Spirit will begin in earnest towards the end of 2015, and will continue to gain momentum through 2017. 

Prophetically speaking, the events should be obvious to you all. The Lord is blowing the windows off of and opening the doors wide to the Visitation Center. He is calling us all to meet with Him at a higher place. The Carpenter Himself has prepared mantles of humility that will be given freely to all who will accept and seek. It is not a time to be conservative, to the right. But it is a time to be absolutely radical in seeking and using the giftings, and the empowerment of the Lord, and a time for abundantly exhibiting the fruit of the Spirit. It is especially time to get radical in the use of the gifts of Heavenly languages.

Where there have been men’s rituals of speaking in tongues and prophetic interpretation, now the real will break forth with great power. This will happen in unexpected places and men and women who have never thought that they would say - "Thus saith the Lord" - will hear themselves say - "Thus saith the Lord" - and that, frequently. This gift of tongues will ignite gifts of miracles, healings, and revelation gifts that we have longed to see.

Our prayer for you all is that you will de-tune from the world, make your ears alert for the Lord’s voice, and be ready to position yourselves in this upcoming tremendous move of His Spirit. Don and Julie Robertson

 I want to commend all of you who have been preparing yourselves to minister in the Lord’s Name during these last days.I leave you again with a quote from Oral Roberts.

"The world is about to change. The Second Coming of Christ will affect the lives of every person on this planet. If we don’t wake up, our chances to reach the people of this world will fade into history."

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