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I revisit these visions now because just a few months ago in 2013, The Weather Channel did a special on a possible Tsunami on the East Coast of the USA. In their special they highlighted the fact that a tsunami cause by a landslide in The Canary Islands would reach the East Coast in a matter of hours, and would send water inland for an approximate distance of 12 miles.

Having said that, I must say at this point, that I still believe that the other tsunamis I have seen hitting the USA will eventually come.

Since the original vision, I have had four more visions, as much as 7 years prior to The Weather Channel's pronouncement, regarding the tsunami on what I believed to be the eastern coast of the U.S.

In two of these visions I was taken to points exactly twelve miles inland from the coast, and saw that the destructive force of the waves was abated by the time the water reached twelve miles inland.

In each of these visions there were several hours of warning prior to the hitting of the tsunami, and many people were able to get far enough inland to avoid destruction.

In all of the visions regarding tsunamis on the east coast, the wave hit during daylight hours.

In a third vision regarding the east coast tsunami I was taken to the top floor of an office building that was above the height of the tsunami wave. There I addressed officials who were still going about their daily tasks, and told them they could have prevented much of the destruction and death that was occurring at that very moment.

I am not sure whether these official were U.S. government officials who had failed to install tsunami warning devices on the east coast, or whether these officials represented high offices of the Church, i.e. apostles, prophets, who could have used their authority to dramatically lessen the impact of this tsunami.

One of the things that I did not share in a past newsletter was how incredibly accurate the visions I received about the December 26,2004 tsunamis were.

Prior to that tsunami, the Lord actually caught me up, and placed me where I was standing on the beach at Banda Ache( the place where the first wave hit), watching the wave come in.

It was only some six months later when I was watching the National Geographic channel and saw some home made movies of the tsunami, that I realized that in the vision to which I referred, I was standing on the exact beach where the first wave hit. I yelled to my wife, "that is the beach I was standing on!"

At times I admit I have been a bad prophet. Not a false prophet. A bad prophet is like a bad comedian, they are off primarily in their timing.

To this point in time, all of the major prophecies I have given in the last 14 years have come to pass except for three. One of those is the East Coast Tsunami, which may be getting close.

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