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Ezekiel 33:1-5

The USA as a nation, Mr. America, is walking in the middle of a cold, dark road, and a tandem Semi is just around the next curve.

The facts are that Mr. America has been under judgement level 1 for quite some time, but judgement level 2 suddenly came to our shores on September 11, 2001.911! 

Emergency! Emergency! Someone needs their heart massaged and their lungs inflated with fresh breath! CPR seemed to be in the process as thousands flocked to churches and sang God Bless America. But, alas, Mr. America stumbled out of the ER before he received the miracle needed to restore him to his former strength.

Make no mistake here, I am saying 9/11 was a judgement from God. I said it, and preached it at a church in Cincinnati, Ohio within a few days of that horrific event, and today I still know beyond any doubt that it is the truth! The judgement was that The God of our Nation's Fathers, lifted His hedge of protection, and our walls were breached. The "arrow that flies by day" penetrated the heart of the nation. We were no longer under the "shadow of the Almighty".

The foundation of the Federal Building two blocks from Ground Zero, where our first President took the Presidential Oath of Office, was seriously cracked and damaged. 

Our financial district, Wall Street, was shaken and damaged, and within three days many Americans lost one third, one half, or more of all the wealth they had accumulated as the Stock Market crashed. 

Over 3000 people lost their lives on this earth, and many other things also happened when the Twin Towers collapsed. Things which are beyond the scope of this letter, but which are well referenced in a book now at WalMart. The book is entitled The Harbinger, authored by Messianic Rabbi Jonathan Cahn.

I beseech you to get and read this book, yesterday, if not sooner. I am imploring you to drop everything else and "Read IT Now!".

Judgements have continued to come with increasing frequency since September 11. 

From Katrina, to the housing collapse, to large numbers of bank failures including the giant Lehman Brothers, to the largest percentage point Stock Market drop on record (which occurred exactly seven years after 9/11) . The list of vehicles of judgement continues to grow to this present day and Mr. America continues to stand in the middle of the road on a dark, cold night!

In 2011 we experienced 14 storms that had damage costs each of a billion dollars plus. Even while making adjustments using the Consumer Price Index, 2011 was still the most costly disaster year in American history, topping 200 billion dollars at this point, and the total damage estimates will not really be known until well into 2012.

Record low temperatures were set in 2011.

The largest outbreak of tornadoes ever recorded - 199 (the most on record for any single day) occurred across the Southeast. 343 tornadoes hit over a three day period April 25-28 and that was also a new record. The costliest tornado in US history hit Joplin on May 22.

Some of you may remember I prophesied that Tornado Alley would begin to shift toward the Southeast along the I20 corridor, and that began to happen while tornadoes continued in the Midwest.I also prophesied that some tornado activity would be directly related to our dealings with Israel and I noted that Chuck Pierce, among others, confirmed this prophesy as the summer went on.

You might also recall that I had a vision of a Man on Fire taking over the Plains states, the heartland. In 2011 we saw a new wildfire record set across the Southern Plains with over one million acres burned in Texas alone.

Floods in the Ohio Valley resulted in all time flood records along the Mississippi. And when unseasonable storm Irene hit the northeast, 300 year flood records were broken.​

2011 was the third busiest tropical storm season since record keeping began in 1851. You'll find these stats and more on the NOAA website.

On August 23, more people felt an American earthquake than at any previous time. It was a 4.8, centered in Virginia. This earthquake broke the foundations of the Washington National Cathedral. You know, the place where religious politicos go to appease their consciences of serving Beatific Platefuls of Deception, otherwise known as Rancid Pork, to Mr America. No wonder Mr. America is suffering from economic and moral anemia. Of course, the Washington Monument and The Capital Building were also heavily damaged.

The foundations in the nation's first Capitol, New York, were cracked on September 11, and the foundations in the current Capitol were cracked very close to a decade later. Do the Big Name Denial of God's Judgement preachers even know what an 18 wheeler looks or sounds like?

Talking of earthquakes, the MorningStar prophets are very concerned about the ultimate earthquakes hitting the West Coast in the near future. Rick Joyner has written several letters about these imminent quakes and the possibility of another New Madrid incident happening, dependent upon whether the U.S. participates in the push for Israel to divide into 3 States.

I have been watching increasing earthquake activity for over a decade. On the 200th anniversary week of the New Madrid quakes there were 47 quakes with a plus 5 magnitude, six quakes greater than Richter 6, and one over 7. These are the most quakes to occur in one week, of this magnitude, that I have seen in the last ten years. Meanwhile, if you can count the hairs on VanPatten's beard, you can estimate the quakes and tremors along the San Andreas fault line. 

If you live on the West Coast, as a Really Big Angel told me years ago, "Watch Hawaii!". Watching Hawaii will give you a little lead time to get to a safe haven. Better yet, fine tune your heart to the Holy Spirit. He knows how to keep you best!

Can you hear a big Truck?! 

Well, how do we get a nation out of the middle of Judgement Road?

If we could all join the 2 Chronicles Seven Fourteener Club it would be a great start. Only those who are able to humble themselves are allowed to become members. Those who point fingers and pronounce railing, bashing, judgments against politicians, homosexuals, adulterers, liars and Sabbath breakers, probably do not meet the first qualification for club membership, humility. Our Lord's harshest words were for the finger pointing self righteous religious leaders of His day.

"For God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world, but that the world through Him might be saved."

Michael, the archangel himself, would not bring a railing accusation against Satan, the worst unforgiven sinner of all time and eternity.

Those who qualify as humble, follow the example of the One who stooped in the sand, wrote with His finger, and told the woman caught in the act of adultery, "Neither do I condemn thee, go and sin no more".

Those who qualify as humble recognize how much they have received forgiveness and how much more grace they still need. Those that are forgiven much, know how to love much.

The ones that truly "Love Him" get to seek His Face, and are enabled to see the log in their own eye. They are those who truly forgive their debtors, and the people who have sinned against them; for the humble know they have been forgiven a debt they themselves could never repay. Only the truly humble can pray the prayers that are powerful enough to turn a nation.

No one has cheated us, hurt us as a nation, or lied to us more than Senators, Congressmen, and Presidents. No greater promise breakers ever lived. But if we want to get Mr. America out of the center of the road, we must love our leaders enough to pray effectual, fervent prayers for them. I Timothy 2:1-3.

I recall that Prophet Kim Clement prophesied that Mr. Obama would become our President in 2009. How I hated that prophesy, confessed it ain't so, maybe a million or so times, and was almost ready to call our brother Clement a false prophet. But the prophet also said that while in office, Mr. Obama would have a visitation from the Lord Himself. To my knowledge, this has obviously not happened. Could it be because the Church has not prayed fervently for God's grace and mercy on Barak, Michelle, Malia and Sasha? Is it possible that God could hold us accountable for our lack of prayer? Of all the people I know that have received visitations from the Lord, not one of them has deserved it! The Lord graciously visited them and they will honestly tell you so.

Remember God raised up Joseph to be over all of Egypt in one day, and he can bring a Joseph to be the President's chief counsel, or even to be our next or current President. PRAY!!

At the beginning of the New Year, the Lord spoke to me about His Church and said that many of His people are focusing on survival for the disasters they think are coming. He said to tell you He doesn't want you to think about survival, but to tell you He is more interested in THRIVIVAL. Not to survive, but to thrive. Those who are hoarding right now, will probably not THRIVE, and may not even survive. If you are making physical preparations for disaster, make sure you are hearing God and are not just thinking of your family and yourself. Isaac sowed during famine and thrived. He did not hoard his seed. More on this later.

Now, say the following out loud. Shout it if you desire.

Thriving In A Time Of Famine Confessions

I am not moved by what I see, for I live by faith in the Word of God, and not by sight. I am not moved by what I hear with the ears of the flesh. I am going up higher in the Lord, mounting up with wings like eagles. I am going to keep obeying. I am going to keep on praying. I am going to keep sowing into the Gospel. I am going to keep believing and I am going to keep receiving. I am going to keep on walking by faith. In a time of famine, I am going to thrive, not just survive. I am prospering. I am flourishing. I am succeeding. I am advancing. I am growing vigorously and I am increasing in favor with God.

May Luke 6:27-28 Grow in Your Heart and Produce Much Fruit,

Don and Julie

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