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Foundations for Seeing April 2012

“Only those who purposefully ‘Listen’ ever really hear, says the Lord, and only those who purposefully ‘Look’ ever really see!

My voice is always fresh and new and now!

When you say morning by morning new mercies I see; See means to perceive and understand, and perception and understanding come primarily thru hearing My voice.

My Holy Spirit is more of a speaker than a show-er in your earthly life. He speaks directly to you, but zealously desires to show Himself thru you! , says the Lord.

So, the greatest mercy every morning, is to hear My voice – the voice on the wind – then you will have the ability to See My blessings more clearly, becoming a true Seer.

For My true Seers see My Goodness first and foremost. For My Goodness is the Foundation and Cornerstone of a Seers’ call!”

Then I said, “Amen, Lord!”

The Lord said, “My Power is founded and displayed in My Goodness, Holiness and Holy Love. 

Apostle Paul understood this, which is why he could write My Word more prolifically than the others. Thus ‘Love Never Fails’ was written by Paul.

Then the disciple whom I loved, John, wrote, ‘God is Love’, and was able to receive and see My end times Revelation because he was grounded in My Love and Goodness.

When you pray in the Spirit and interpret by the Spirit, then you begin to comprehend My Love and Goodness and your heart will soar to new heights. At new heights you will see what you have not seen before. You will see More and More, and there is always More!, says the Lord. 

Then you will really have an amplified Bible, for My Word, Logos, Graphe, and Rhema, all of My Word, will have new life for you, says the Lord.”

Beloved friends, when you pray in the Spirit and then interpret, God will always seem close to you, and He will never seem to be far away. You will see more, and you will hear Him clearer than you could have imagined. He is always as close as the air you breathe.

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