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After Benjamin Netanyahu's recent address to the American Congress and subsequent re-election Antisemitism has continued to rise again.

Last Year I wrote the article:


As I have prayed about the Celestial Harbinger listed below, which will occur on March 20, 2014, I have become increasingly alarmed. This morning, The Lord let me know why. 

"This Harbinger signals a gathering, multiplying, strength, of the Anti-Christ spirit of anti-Semitism!"  

March 20 - Occultation of Regulus. Get ready for the best and brightest “asteroid occultation” ever predicted for North America. Late on the night of March 19-20, the faint asteroid Erigone (eh-RIG-uh-nee) will briefly eclipse the first-magnitude star Regulus for more than 20 million people in the New York metropolitan area and parts of Long Island, New Jersey, Connecticut, upstate New York, and Ontario. (From

An extremely rare event will take place on the morning of Thursday, March 20, 2014. An asteroid known as 163 Erigone will pass in front of the bright star Regulusin the constellation of Leo (known as The Lion of Judah constellation to many Jews and Christians. Gen 49:9-10), causing the star to disappear (a full Eclipse of Regulus). In fact, this is the first time in history that an occultation of such a bright star by an asteroid has been predicted to cross such a heavily populated area. This event will be visible along a 45-mile-wide path and is predicted to begin at 2:07 a.m. EDT.

The asteroid’s shadow will move on a southeast-to-northwest path that will extend from New York City to Oswego in New York State and continue northwest into Ontario, Canada. For those in the center of this path, the star will remain invisible for 12 seconds.

Why might this be important to pray about?

Remember, the “Breech of The Wall Harbinger of 9-11-2001 began first in New York.

Regulus is actually the Star that is referred to as “The King” or “The Lion’s Scepter”.Those who watch “The Nativity” movie would recognize this star as the one the Persian (eastern) wise men called “Sharru”. While this may not seem important to westerners, believe me when I say that Persians (Iranians), Jews, and Arabs still find these things as very important.

Interestingly enough, mythology which surrounds the name Erigone also has suicidal Erigone possessing a kamikaze, suicidal dog whose name is translated in Arabic as Syria. According to “Erigone might have a satellite asteroid accompanying it! Some asteroids do. A ‘secondary occultation’ crossing different territory”.

Finally, more Jews, 2 times as many Jews, live in New York than in any other city on earth. Intercessors should go on high alert for God’s protection concerning this event.

(This did happen as The Times of Israel reported a 500% increase in Anti-Semitism within only a month after this article was 1st written. By the middle of Summer 2014 The Israeli government was concerned that such strong AntiSemitism had not been seen since WWII!)

Anti-Semitism increasingly Released

Anti-Semitism is growing at an alarming rate in the USA, AND AROUND THE WORLD even as you read this.

It has come to our American shores in the guise of Replacement Theology, exactly the same theology that Hitler taught, now with just a few deceptive twists trying to make itself unrecognizable.

This theology basically teaches that the Christian church has replaced Israel’s place with God. It is an exclusive theology, rather than a both and theology, and it is against Scripture and empirical reason.. Anyone that can see, knows that both the natural and the grafted branches are growing and producing fruit out of Jesse’s root in these times.

God is for the natural Israel and will rise to defend the Jews today. We will see His mighty hand extended in the near future.

 Don’t buy into this replacement theology or you’ll find yourself on the Lord’s unblessed list. It is a rotten to the core theology that seems to be resurrecting in our nation at a time when it needs to remain dead!      

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