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And The Lord Said,

“Yes, you can do this daily for hours at a time for I never run out of blessings, says the Lord. This is called encouraging yourself in the Lord.”

And I said, “Lord, how can I keep a record and write all this down, these things that You reveal to me thru tongues and interpretation?”

And He said, “I will show you what needs writing, but you will also be able to recall (by My Spirit) everything I said by interpretation of tongues when it becomes necessary. 

Much, if not most of the word will be necessary to recall because in the uttering of the words, the fabric of your being, spirit, mind, will, and emotions would be changed as a creative divine charge of power moves thru you every time you pray in the Spirit and interpret. Even the cells of your fleshly body will be changed and quickened.

 This is what Romans 8:11 (daily quickening) is really speaking of, says the Lord, and then Romans 8:19 will begin to come to fruition in you.

 A son of God will be made manifest to all of creation and even the devils and angels will be continually taking note of you, for you will be continually dangerous to the Devil and angels will continually be heeding your Rhema Words. For many of your words the angels will recognize as Mine, says the Lord. 

Your words will carry the authority of the Son of God (Romans 8:19), says the Lord. (Angels only respond to the now word – Rhema).

You will have great discernment, for the Spirit of Wisdom and Understanding and the Spirit of Counsel shall flow through you as mighty rivers, says the Lord.​ 

For many, tongues and interpretation is the key to their healing, for through this gift of Pentecostal Power, I will exercise the Spirit of Might, demonstrated through their healing and deliverance, says the Lord. 

For it is in this that your most Holy (sanctified, different, other worldly, not of this world, Divine) Faith will be built. 

That’s the faith that will move the unholy mountain of sickness, bondage, and lack out of your lives. 

Thus says the Lord of Hosts, the Almighty All Sufficient One!!”

Then I said, “Blessings all mine with ten thousands beside.”

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