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Vision of A Righteous Man . 

In a vision I was in a beach-side condo on the West Coast when a huge tsunami wave approached.

As the wave came in, it suddenly stopped about thirty yards from the condo. The water was standing straight up like in the old movies where Moses was crossing the Red Sea with the children of Israel. The wall of water was taller than the building I was in and I could see fish swimming, just as though looking into an aquarium. Occasionally a fish would swim through the edge of the water, and fall to the boardwalk.

Many people were leaving as quickly as possible, and others were just standing, looking.

 I tried to warn all of them to leave and told them that God was holding the water back, but that the wave’s breaking was imminent.

I went around the corner of the condo and saw a famous Bible teacher sitting at a desk in a small room. His Bible was open and he was reading, taking notes, and praying.

It was declared to me that he was a righteous man, and I knew that this wave had stopped its progress because of this man.

The man looked at me and asked me if there was anything that I wanted from him.

I think he expected me to ask for an impartation of the anointing on his life, but instead, I said, "I wish I had your dedication to the Word of the Lord". I knew that it was this dedication to the Lord’s voice that had caused this man to be declared a righteous man.

His prayers at that time were responsible for saving thousands from certain destruction. I knew the moment he left the wave would break, but he seemed in no hurry to leave.

As James says, the prayers of a righteous man are very powerful.

 I believe that the volcanic eruption on Hawaii and the resulting west coast tsunami have been delayed because of the prayers and dedication of the righteous. 

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