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DREAM of Restoration Ministries is a Christian faith based ministry.  We minister the Gospel of Jesus Christ in conferences, churches, tent meetings, home groups, and personal ministry settings.  We are an apostolic credentialing covering to the ministers and ministries in our Fellowship of Ministries.  Some of our emphasis areas are healing and miracles, prophetic and seer ministry, deliverance from demonic oppression, worship, and the restoration of spiritual gifts to the Church. 

The Gordon, Finney, Lake Revival:  Let's Start It NOW!! 
September 26-28
P.U.R.E. Ministries Fellowship 
2904 US 22, Montgomery Rd.
Landen Square Shopping Center
Maineville, Ohio
Pastors Rick and Joy VanPatten

October 24-26
Jubilee Christian Center

1505 Robinson Ave.
Hyde, PA  16843 

Pastor Terry Smith
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What's New:

I have recently received numerous letters supposedly documenting all the atrocities that the  current President has committed against the American people. I am fairly sure that some of the accusations are true, while others are internet anti-Obama yellow rag references, and some are just angry responses from people who do not want to follow the Scriptural imperative “pray for all those in authority”,
 I Timothy 2:1-3. 

For now, I want to update you on things I believe The Lord has shown me regarding near Obama political strategies regarding Israel. This feels fairly urgent to me, so I dropped some other important items to get this out to you Israel intercessors. 

For the President to get involved in another war, Israel versus Iran, or to take  a heavily pro Israel stance in the Gaza War, would be seen as a major political mistake  for several reasons. 

If Israel launches a preemptive strike on Iran, (AND THEY STILL MAY) oil prices will soar far beyond what they currently are priced. Oil will be hitting between $150-$200/barrel in a very short time. If and when this happens, and if the President is also seen as heavily supporting Israel, then the subsequent rise at the pumps, and price increases across the board will come back to roost in his White House nest. $10 a gallon gas prices would certainly lose much support for Mr. Obama. I believe Mr. Obama would sacrifice  Israel if  he thought supporting Israel would cost him too much support .

(Historically, Jews have been attacked and victimized repeatedly by blaming bad crops, poor economics, and anything else bad you can think of, on the Jewish people. This was true during Hitler’s regime as demonized Adolf united a supposedly Christian Germany around a common enemy, the Jews. Hitler blamed the Jews for Germany’s depression among other things.)

If Israel attacks Iran for any reason, then the immediate bane of high oil prices and the effect on the world economy will be seen as Israel’s fault and an even greater anti-Semitic tsunami than we are seeing now, will arise world wide. Suddenly there will be many great economic reasons for all nations to rise up against Israel. Obama healthcare, foreign policy,  and green energy policies will be quickly forgotten in the ensuing melee about Israel.

If Operation Protective Edge continues and the media focuses on the continuing deaths and injuries of the Hamas human shields, then it will not be overly long before great waves of  irrational Antisemitism (racism) will increasingly be seen on American shores, and pro Israel political views will SOON be taboo.

 But, nonetheless,whether or not the the USA finds God bringing devastating financial judgement  against us in September 2015 will depend  greatly upon the results of 2014 elections. When November 2014 comes around  Pro-Life and Pro-Israel voting could change our nations immediate future for the better. 

The Holy Spirit will have to guide the choices of many Americans as they go to the polls. He could nudge their hearts in the right direction at the last moment even though He will not usurp their freedom to choose. He can do that, even for non-believers, if their minds are not already made up, or clouded by demonic deception. Election results will again directly reflect the spiritual status of the country. 

Your prayers will help clear the air in the valley of decision for many of those who do not know what to do, or where to turn at this critical juncture of American history..

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