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WhenYou See Jesus
Prophetic word from The Lord .
DREAM of Restoration Ministries is a Christian faith based ministry.  We minister the Gospel of Jesus Christ in conferences, churches, tent meetings, home groups, and personal ministry settings.  We are an apostolic credentialing covering to the ministers and ministries in our Fellowship of Ministries.  Some of our emphasis areas are healing and miracles, prophetic and seer ministry, deliverance from demonic oppression, worship, and the restoration of spiritual gifts to the Church. 
Brittain Ministries International 
Annual Conference at Healing Springs Church 
in Hickory,NC. 

May 1-2 
June 5-7
Jubilee Christian Center

1505 Robinson Ave.
Hyde, PA  16843 

Pastor Terry Smith
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Israel Prophetic Outlook: Eighteen months from now the furor over the West Bank and arguments concerning Separate State agreements will be all but forgotten. The Middle East is about to catch fire  with a Jihadist attempt at a complete Jewish holocaust. What is happening in Yemen is only a small precursor of what is to come.

Isis has recently obtained several WMDs in the form of at least some Chemical Weapons, including Chlorine Gas, and has used them according to news reports dating back to February of this year. It seems to be one of their intentions is to ignite a wave of intense internal military conflict in Jordan, resulting in the overthrow of King Abdullah.

King Abdullah II will probably be able to stay in power but will be greatly threatened, and Hamas will be involved in that threat. Ancient areas of Jordan, known as Edom and Moab in the Bible will be in a state of total war as Jihadists groups attempt a coup. 

When this coup attempt has finally failed, Israel will own and govern all of Jerusalem and in addition, much of the area East of the Jordan River will also belong to and be governed by Israel. This will fulfill Some prophecy as was originally promised in the Old Testament. Most of the people in these regions will be so happy to have a modicum of peace that they will be glad to have representatives in The Knesset and happy to be part of the new peaceful Israel. Even King Abdullah will be in favor.

Other nations will be in an uproar as the cry will now be to return to the pre-2015 borders.

Meanwhile, If Israel attacks Iran for any reason, then the immediate bane of higher oil prices and the effect on the world economy will be seen as Israel’s fault and an even greater anti-Semitic tsunami than we are seeing now, will arise world wide. Suddenly there will be many great economic reasons for all nations to rise up against Israel. Obama healthcare, foreign policy,  and green energy policies will be quickly forgotten in the ensuing melee about Israel.
USA: Whether or not the the USA finds God bringing devastating financial judgement  against us in September 2015 will depend  greatly upon the actions of our current Senate and Congress. When September,13, 2015 comes around  what has been accomplished concerning Pro-Life and Pro-Israel voting, could change our nation's immediate future for the better, or for the much, much, worse. Right now the prediction is for the worse, as Congress has all but forgotten Roe vs. Wade reform.
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