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WhenYou See Jesus
Prophetic word from The Lord .
DREAM of Restoration Ministries is a Christian faith based ministry.  We minister the Gospel of Jesus Christ in conferences, churches, tent meetings, home groups, and personal ministry settings.  We are an apostolic credentialing covering to the ministers and ministries in our Fellowship of Ministries.  Some of our emphasis areas are healing and miracles, prophetic and seer ministry, deliverance from demonic oppression, worship, and the restoration of spiritual gifts to the Church. 
April 11 - 13
P.U.R.E. Ministries Fellowship 
2904 US 22, Montgomery Rd.
Landen Square Shopping Center
Maineville, Ohio
Pastors Rick and Joy VanPatten
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What's New:
 APRIL 4, 2014
Release The Jews
Last night, April 4th, 2014, in a vision I, Don, saw a book, like a Bible, opened, and written towards the bottom of the page was, "And God said, 'Call unto Mars, and say, it is now a season for war.    It is the time for war'". 
And I heard a voice call, saying, 

"Release the Jews!", 
and then saying, 

"This is the last call. Come home now!" 
It was like unto a Father calling His son to come home to the Father's house. 
When I heard, "Release the Jews", it was as though I saw many thousands of  Jews going forth. I got the impression this was not telling the one nation, like Moses said unto Pharaoh, "Let My people go", but instead was a call to send Messianic Jewish prophets and  evangelists to the Pharaohs (all the nations of the earth) saying let the Jews go home. It was also a call like unto the release of the 144,000, 12,000 from each tribe. (Revelation7:4-8)
  In reference to Mars, Mars will be at its closest approach to Earth next Tuesday April 8- Tuesday April  14th. Astronomers call this “Mars at Opposition”. On April 14th, Earth and Mars are at their minimum distance. You won't have any trouble finding Mars on this night. The full Moon will be gliding by the Red Planet in the constellation Virgo, providing a can't-miss "landmark" in the midnight sky. Remarkably, on the same night that Mars is closest to Earth, there will be a total lunar eclipse.  The full Moon of April 14-15 will turn as blood red as the Red Planet tself.  (seeNasa references)  
 On April 15th the first Blood Moon of the Tetrad will appear on the first day of Pesach, Passover. Pray for the peace of Jerusalem and or for The Lord to intervene with His mighty arm.
I am not saying that war will start at Passover, however I do expect hostilities to escalate to such a point that the scheduled Peace Talks at the end of April will become increasingly desired by all parties concerned. I do believe that war which will seem to threaten Israel's existence will break out this year at the time of Pentecost in mid June when the moon and Mars are in close conjunction.
 Next Friday, April 11, Nissan 12th, the Great Sabbath, “Shabbat HaGadol” will begin. This is also known to Jews as the "Sabbath of the Great Miracle"
The Lord spoke to me in February and said, "The Sabbath before Passover will be very important this year". 
DREAM will be at PURE Fellowship, in Cincinnati, for 3 services beginning April 11, at the start of Shabbat HaGadol.  The services will focus on "Adonai: The Great I AM."
There are a number of other very important celestial dates to pray about in April, besides Shabbat HaGadol.
On April 15th the first Blood Moon of the Tetrad will appear on the first day of Pesach, Passover. Pray for the peace of Jerusalem and or for The Lord to intervene with His mighty arm.
On April 22-23 the Lyrids meteor shower will occur. For more on this look at our website under Celestial Signals 2014.
On April 29 there will be a total eclipse of the sun, called an Annular Eclipse, which some rabbis have taught represents God's judgement against  major nations. 
Pray- on April 29-30 John Kerry is scheduled to devise a Framework Treaty between Israel and Palestinian Territories. Pray Kerry does not put pressure on Israel to trade land for peace. Also pray that Kerry does not put pressure on Israel to curtail or cease settlement building. Jews coming home (Aliyah) will need many new dwellings as the influx of the homecoming will suddenly and greatly increase in the near future.
If Kerry pressures Israel on these points then expect the recent earthquakes in the USA to dramatically increase in number and in strength, progressively moving towards the Mississippi which divides the East from the West!
We have recently had notable earthquakes in California, Wyoming, Oklahoma (earthquake swarms) and in South Carolina. Unlike when intense intercession stopped the earthquakes of 2 years ago, these earthquakes (should Kerry insist)will probably not be stoppable.
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